About Me

Hi Hi Hi
This year I quit my job (finally), sold my, shit, moved out of my flat and went travelling. Like the quintessential cliché.
I’m 29, and have thrown my hand in at many attempted jobs over the years. I did a fashion degree, not for me, I trained as a make-up artist and had enough of that. I worked in a vegan café, but I love meat. Then somehow ended up working in HR in London where I’ve lived for the past 10ish years. HR wasn’t quit right either. In HR you have to be by the book and assertive; whereas I’m more I’ll see what I can do for you, now come and give me a hug. So back to the drawing board (again).
I love writing, I studied it for a while, but mainly I like it’s cathartic qualities. If I haven’t written it, sometimes its like I can’t feel it. I like to write about travelling. It helps me process what I’m seeing. I think it is possible to be almost spoilt by the beauty of the unknown world (unknown to me).
I miss my friends; I find it hard to keep engaged in their lives when I’m away, but I do try.
I need time on my own, then feel bad about it, and crave people.
My favourite place in the world is Cromer; a seaside town in the UK where my Granny used to live. It still is, in spite of my travels.
I’m travelling South East Asia, then on to South America on a very strict budget. My decision to go was pretty whimmy, so I don’t have as much money as I’d like, but I’m making it stretch and working where need be. I’d love to spend some time in Australia and NZ after that, before eventually exploring Europe, the U.S and Canada. I don’t really have a plan. I certainly don’t have the money. But we’ll figure that part out later…
While my finances sort themselves out I’ll write a little, as an outlet while I’m away. To deal with my emotions, because it does get emotional; good and bad. And to find a community to share and follow all the things I like.
The blog is not so much top 10s, more stories and encounters. Some of what I say is ridiculous. But I like it that way.