My War with Hormones in South East Asia.

Acceptance is key. Accepting I’m mad was essential to this process.

I have experimented a million different ways to change my hormonal mood swingy behaviour over the years. I’ve tried acupuncture, psychotherapy, physiotherapy, meditation, medication, yoga, pilates, nutrition, supplements. I’ve changed jobs a ton of times, done writing, reading, boxing, running, talking etc etc etc.

And finally after all that, I find myself on a beautiful island in Thailand, living a stones throw from the beach, no work, no stress, daily yoga, reasonable diet, a happy lifestyle, and still, STILL I’m prone to monthly meltdowns where I just feel painfully sad.

Having got to the point, and changed my life to such an extent that short of moving full time into an Ashram I can’t possible hope to improve upon this situation anymore. And now I’m out of my hormonal hole; I have accepted that sometimes I am a little insane, and I am very okay with this state of affairs ( for now).

Every month, I am going to lose my shit, and feel like a different person. I can make steps to reduce and lessen the hormonal shitstorm that kicks off in my body. But a shitstorm we will have regardless. And such is life.

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