Let’s talk about diarrhoea…

Yes let’s! This crowd pleaser comes up in conversation more than sex, more than next destinations; more than ANYTHING, and rightly so. The immediate discussion of the shits with strangers and new best friends is a loveable concept and one that if was frowned upon, I would miss. A sort of solidarity, or just the fact that you cant all go on pretending anymore; it’s happening to you all right now. Diarrhoea, like depression is best talked about frankly and openly. Unlike depression some of the stories are fucking hilarious.

Yes, it’s annoying that in certain countries I might as well just throw my fried rice straight into the toilet for all the time we spend together. But if you’re heading for South East Asia prepare for diarrhoea, and plenty of it. If you’re shy about the subject you’ll overcome that very, very quickly.

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