If you’re worried you won’t make friends when you’re travelling, don’t be.

Travelling on your own is easy. If you’re worried you won’t make friends, don’t be. If you want to make friends you will. I’ll speak to anyone, and if they don’t wanna speak with me because there’s four of them who went to school together and they don’t wanna mix-troll them cunts. I knew I wouldn’t have a problem travelling on my own because I’ve got an introverted side, I don’t mind spending time alone, in fact I like it to sort of regroup and rethink things like an old romantic. I struggle more with getting alone time, than finding people to hang out with. Which is the best problem to have when you’re travelling.

If you are worried about making friends, there will be a million other people just like you, so why don’t you just book a one way flight to Bangkok, because we all know there’s nothing like the first time you get shitfaced with your mates to solidify a friendship.

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