How to do everything on the Trip Advisor Top 10 of Bohol in one day.

The Chocolate Hills tour, the most random tour ever, E V E R…-

Python Sanctuary.
This confused us all as it was the Chocolate Hills tour. Most people stayed on the bus and I don’t think they regretted that decision.

Tarsier Sanctuary.

Now these little guys are cute, super cute. They’re nocturnal so super snoozey during the day. I got a little concerned as it said if you disturb their natural sleeping pattern and keep them awake during the day they get so traumatised they commit suicide.

There was a big kerfuffle as we realised one was awake and I was terrified it was just gonna kamikaze that shit instantly.

Lunch on Loboc River.

Would have loved to do it, but it was more expensive than the whole tour so I couldn’t really justify it in my budget. Me and a couple of others walked down the road for some 15 peso noodles which were much more appropriate for us tight bastards. There was a 12 hour powercut this particular day so by the time we’d finished waiting for the others to finish their 1hr 40 dining sesh, I was ready for nap time like those cute little big eyes babes on the last stop.

Chocolate Hills. We made it!

They where beautiful, unusual and mystifying. It had just rained so they were genuinely a bit misty, which only added to the gargantuan mood of these peculiar green triangle mounds.

The Chocolate Hills are one of the biggest draws to Bohol so naturally it was packed out, with selfie sticks in every single direction.

There where a million quiet viewing points so if I was to do it again I would consider get a bike or not going at all.

Bamboo bridge

Great but we were seriously running out of steam at this point.

Man made forest

You drive through it.

Zip line

Out of budget.

Butterfly park

Public consensus was not to stop.

Catholic Church

Was closed by the time we got there. And we’re done.

Okay so Top 9 on Trip Advisor perhaps but you get the idea. Chocolate Hills- do it on a bike! There are so many small places to stop and explore on the way. The nature in Bohol is so diverse, the island is incredibly beautiful with lush greenery, beaches, rivers, waterfalls. So much exploring to do…

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