Sex when you’re travelling.

I intended to wait until I’d built up more of a repertoire before I posted about sex. But my first encounter was somewhat of a baptism by fire, so I just couldn’t wait.
Sex when you’re travelling isn’t like a normal relationship, or like normal sex even, it’s all just sort of frantic. Everyone wants to hook up with well, everyone. People are coming and going and there only ever seems to be now or never moments; as a result transient shags are kicking off like an apocalypse is imminent.
With this in mind, I was left a little unsure of how to react in a sex when travelling scenario. Should normal human emotions and reactions take place in a world where every night is the last night?
I met a guy at the hostel etc, etc, etc, and before I knew it I was climbing up into a top bunk that was not my own. We skipped foreplay in favour of a debate over wearing a condom. I should’ve left when he tried to convince me he was clean- babe, you’ve been travelling round Southeast Asia for three months, you’re fucking riddled. I’ve probably caught chlamydia just by looking at you. Anyway, we eventually got down to the sex (with a condom, obvs). I won’t go into the details…
After the sex it all got very strange, very quickly. As soon as I left his room he abjectly ignored my entire existence for the next 5 days. He walked away from groups as I approached, would ignore his friends when they were with me, wouldn’t even look in the same direction as me. Round two was clearly out of the question, but manners if you please.
I remained shocked into a non-reaction while I tried to place the appropriate response because I’m travelling, right?
On a practical note though, my heart is basically in my vagina and sometimes it’s just easier on the emotions to pretend it never happened than to parade around like some kind of single girl vigilante. No-one wants that on their holidays.

All I can surmise from this sex when you’re travelling experience is- if you won’t stand for it in London, don’t stand for it on a tropical island supping a rum and coke in your fucking Havianas
What I should have said to this man was fuck you. And for the love of Christ put a fucking shirt on.

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