Boracay’s Station beaches- in a teeny tiny nutshell.

Station 1-
Fancy fancy hotels, bit pricey but really beautiful white sand beach and an incredible sunset spot from SpiderHouse tucked away in a cave right at the end; maybe a 45 minute walk from Station 2.

Station 2

Big touristy bit, next to d’mall- full of shops, bars (Exit bar local institution and the measures are generous, I mean VERY generous), restaurants all on the more expensive side; for me on a budget, dirt cheap by London prices. The beach is quite narrow and congested with sun loungers and vendors but nonetheless it’s still picture perfect.

Station 3

I love Station 3!! A 30 minutes walk from station 2 but absolutely worth it for the chilled out beach bum vibes. The beach is out of this world; a little wider than the others, sparse sun loungers and the water actually gets deep. No hassle except for the odd ice cream seller- which is actually perfect.

The locals down there are unquestionable cool; a combination of local fisherman and reggae musicians. Everything you want for an idyllic sunset, and it’s cheap.

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