Clubbing in Hongdae.

Let’s start by talking about Sojo. It looks like water, it’s the percentage of wine and tastes like vodka. I’m not a massive fan of vodka, but it’s amazing how you forget all about this until your next shot and it’s an awful surprise all over again.
We’d gone out for Korean BBQ with the owner of our hostel, who told us promptly that dinner was about drinking not eating. I hadn’t suitable lined my stomach for a pre-dinner sesh, but the way he held out the glass of Sojo in such a respectful way, it was an important gesture! This made the whole thing seem more cultural than a night out of the absolute lash.
After bottles upon bottles of Sojo we ended up shitfaced in a club called NB2 Hongdae. It was big, not like a super club, but big enough. It was fucking great.

I later found out that NB2 was considered a little low brow and Gangnam was really were the clubbing went off. But owing to their strict dress code I don’t think they would have let a pleb like me in with my travelling clothes on.
The crowd- a couple of girls with their boyfriends, the odd few western chicks cutting up a rug on the podium, aside from that just men. So many guys! A proverbial sausage fest if you will. Perhaps to compensate for this ratio tv screens played looped videos of hot, half naked girls dancing around like an ad for Pornhub.
In situations like this you could end up getting majorly hassled by the hoards, but it was all very well mannered. Guys would start dancing behind you and if you didn’t reciprocate after a little while they just walked off with no hard feelings. In fact the biggest issue I had was a guy from the hostel draping and thrusting all over me. He did not pick up on my non interest and I had to yell at him to get off. Mainly because it was just so fucking hot, like sweat dripping from the ceiling hot! I never saw him again fortunately.
6.00am time to haul this sweaty drunken mess home. As soon as I stood outside, daylight hit and I instantly felt an overwhelming sense of guilt about it. Ready to stumble home with a slice of pizza, obvs.

The streets were absolutely packed, 24 hour cafes, people going in for dinner/breakfast and I’m sure the love hotels were doing a booming trade. The streets were almost, almost, almost busier than during the day. No impending doom about the day ahead, no rush to get home just moving onto the next destination.

I wish I could’ve got my head around this and really got involved, re-wired my brain to be like, yeah this is totally fine to do. But it all just felt too alien and I had to go home, be horizontal and decompress.
Also, Monster Pizza best pizza slice ever.

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